Friday, August 04, 2006

Nanjing Update

We have finalized our plans for Nanjing and there have been a few changes. We will hold the International Conference called "Remembering Nanjing" from Nov. 21-24, 2007. This conference is for people from China, Japan and other parts of the world, who have had different war experiences and educations, to open their hearts and listen deeply to one another on issues of the Sino-Japan War and the Nanjing (Nanking) Tragedy.
The Conference begins on Wednesday, Nov. 21 with a welcome, briefing by Chinese historians, tour of the city and an exchange of views and feelings. On Nov. 22nd there will be testimonies from victims, a visit to the Nanjing Memorial Hall and more exchanges of views and feelings. Nov 23 there will be an international scholars' symposium called "Nanjing Tragedy: History, Rememberance, and the Future", related art exhibitions and exchange of views and feelings. Nov 24 there will be a Chinese and Japanese Women's Symposium called "Sino-Japan War and the Nanjing Tragedy", a memorial service, exchange of views and feelings and a closing dinner.
Following the conference Rev. Robert Joshin Althouse will lead a retreat called "Bearing Witness Retreat: Nanjing - Healing the Wounds of War" from Nov. 26-28. Participants from China, Japan and elsewhere will listen to stories of survivors, visit sites where executions took place, spend time in silent reflection and meet together in small and large groups. The organizing principles of this retreat will be the Three Tenets of a Peacemaker and the practice of Inner Disarmament.
The Three Tenets consists of: 1) not knowing, which is the practice of giving up fixed ideas, opinions and points of view, 2) bearing witness by listening deeply without judgment and 3)loving action which arises naturally from practicing the first two principles.
The basic principle of Inner Disarmament is that peace begins by transforming our own enemy images, by not taking sides or blaming anyone. It teaches a wise use of language, not concerned with winning arguments but with connecting to others through deep empathic listening.
Conference cost will be US $375. You can register for the conference with A World Without Armies at
Retreat cost will be US $225. You may register for the retreat with the Zen Community of Oak Park by calling 708.445.1651 or emailing them at


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